Yes your dog loves you

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Dogs are thought to be man’s best friend. And undoubtedly, they are! They are always there when you need them and never let you feel What does Squirrel Poop Look Like. They can really lighten up somebody’s mood. The world has witnessed many stories which tell us how a puppy is incomplete with its parent.

A guy in New Jersey suffering from clinical depression, read about the beneficial presence of dogs and brought a golden retriever home. He suddenly started feeling accountable and felt this strong need to live.

This is just one example. Dogs have been very faithful to men since ages.

It’s seen that lots of times pet owners also develop a relationship with their pet, very similar to that of a parent and child. This bond is called”stable base effect”.

Sometimes dogs are extremely cautious and careful at first but they can sometimes be goofy and overdo it.

For many dogs, the attachment they feel towards their owner is essential to their well-being. It is studied that while dogs like each other’s business, human attention is what they crave. You may not realize when your dog becomes too much attached to you, and that attachment becomes extreme to an extent that if you leave your dog for even a day or two, they stop behaving normal. They stop eating. All they want that time is you.

Puppies can occasionally get along with you immediately, if you spend some time together and treat them well. It is quite natural for a dog to bond with its owner and if both of them trust each other, then the process happens very quickly. And from that point start a happy romance as with time that pup becomes an irreplaceable part of your life.

Sometimes when dogs are in stress due to a reason they can become very clingy. Older dogs can also show clinginess and more than attachment due to deteriorating senses. That’s the time when you will need to understand them well and take proper care of them. They need you that time, and you should be there with them.

With all the love dogs give us, we ought to give them the exact same love in return. We ought to give them enough time, go on walks with them and play with them. Give them hugs and speak with them. It’s a beautiful world with a dog as a pet. Cherish that.

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